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Manipulating the People

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

People are cruel and ignorant and probably more often cruel because they are ignorant. Good people end up doing bad things and bad people lead them into it. It is a constant struggle to always do the right thing and more complicated to know what the right thing is.

People are being influenced today by a very sophisticated media mechanism which is self interested. There are many fragile and needy people being influenced by this machine and entire social circles are created for the sole interest of a few to manipulate for financial, political or other personal gain.

This mechanism goes out of its way to blur the traditional lines of right and wrong in order that another be made to feel ok with something they had been taught was wrong so that the influencer can manipulate that already vulnerable person.

Further we confuse the situation with the fact that some of the very things we were taught as traditionally right or wrong may not actually be right or wrong.

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