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Climate Change and Globalization

Globalization would enable farmers to move to where they can grow food.

Globalization will allow people to move to new areas where they are not subjected to flooding and other conditions brought on by new weather patterns which regularly endanger their families, their livelihood and destroy their homes.

Effort towards slowing down the rate of global warming are well intended however it is additionally necessary to realize that their is very real climate change already happening and already affecting many people. Further there does not seem to be much emphasis on actually discerning a solution for this. Farmers are just rebuilding in the same place after a flood destroys everything knowing there is a very real chance of a larger flood the next season.

The animal kingdom has already started changing their migration habits due to this, look at the salmon who has been returning to the same breeding grounds for centuries are moving further north.

Globalization is simply good for humanity it enables us to adapt to a changing world and a rapidly growing population.

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