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All Power to the People

All power should rightfully belong to the people.

"All Power to the People" barrowed from The Black Panthers, a group who was so horribly misrepresented to the American public by a poorly informed President and a bias, racist head of the FBI and the media. They are to Credit for this very real truth.

One vote one person, that gives power to the people. The Governments of this world are obsolete, as people we can communicate and solve problems on a global scale without Governments as we know them today.

I will touch on this again and again, the path forward is globalization, toleration and elimination of borders.

People should be free to choose how and where they feel comfortable living and what groups they associate with, they in turn are obliged to tolerate the life style and beliefs of any other group.

That last sentence is not all that crazy, this is already happening in so many businesses and organizations around the world. Examples, Space, Antarctica, Hospitals, Churches of sincere intent, Universities, there are many more examples of this, look around.

The real people causing the issue are a minority who already have enough that they should just be happy to retire and get out of the way.

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