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Updated: Apr 17, 2022


"Re-Districting" What is this? Why is this? This is hardly fair?

The current situation of voting is absurd! Situation is all encompassing of the method, the governing, collecting and reporting of votes on every level of government.

The government will allow people access to sensitive tax documents and personal information via the internet and cell phone service. The Government exchanges sensitive national security information through the internet and members have access via their phones. The Military exchanges vital tactical data via the internet and cell phones. These are all well known facts.

Why then, can we not adopt a popular vote and allow people to vote via their phone or computer through the internet? Is there no entity which can facilitate this transition whom can be trusted to be fair?

Possibly it is because old conservatives are afraid of reform and lobbyist wont allow reform because it is not in the interest of profits and control for their representative corporate sponsors.

The worlds communication was about the same as the forefathers up until the telegraph and then later it was transformed with the advent of the internet and now there is no reason why we can not have a popular vote on every level.

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