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Commonly defined as an economic system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. The greater the profit the more successful the individual.

Competitive Individuals working for profit will take profit and use it to create more profit, they will use profits to make it possible to do less and make more, they will insulate themselves from the profit making mechanism limiting their liability, they will focus on the "profit margin" and push employees to make these margins greater by tying that persons success to these margins but not allowing that person a real part of the success.

A direct result of capitalism is inequality.

A direct result of capitalism is instigating amoral decision making in order to achieve greater profit.

A direct result of capitalism is oppression.

A direct result of capitalism is the willful taking advantage of another due to opportunity or by strategic initiative in order to achieve greater profit.

A direct result of capitalism is slavery.

It is of great importance to the battle for equality and the desire to rid the world of racism that the effects of capitalism are truly recognized. It is not to say that all who participate in the market system are out for themselves and are practicing the nefarious methods which gave rise to the great separation and outright indifference to those less fortunate or those unable to protect themselves which exist in every part of our world today.

It is fair to say that evil exist and it will seek to undermine any system in place, and for this reason it is all the more necessary to understand what is wrong with the systems established in the past then create and support systems which are less likely to see those traditionally marginalized taken advantage of.

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