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A New Way Forward

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

One person one vote. we have to accept globalization and socialization. with scientific progress and automation we must redesign how we distribute wealth and what people do.

Eliminate borders which keep people from getting the things they need to live safe and healthy lives. Eliminate borders which keep people from being able to do better or interact with the community of the world.

Governments need to work with each other and engage in trade to the benefit of the people. They should develop transportation and utility systems for all to access, ensure fair treatment of all and rehabilitate whenever possible and imprison only when there is no other means to protect its citizens.

Mass production and distribution of, water and food, textiles and clothing, pharmaceutical and medical supplies. These should be sustainable and automatable as much as possible, they should be capable of growth to meet population needs.

What do people do? We will always need in every part of the world, transportation, water, waste removal, climate control, maintenance services, agriculture, manufacture and production and many other things. Additionally with automation and refined efficiency the number of people it takes to produce a given amount of product will decline. We already see this and have seen communities wiped out due to changes of needs and progress in manufacturing.

Embrace this change, let people focus on people, let people lean on and help others, help the elderly and the less capable. Interact and get to know each other, slow down and learn about the fulfillment gained by interacting with those around us and those less fortunate. Stop looking out only for ourselves and look out for each other, it is how it is supposed to be. Loneliness is a product of looking out for ourselves and jealousy. Loneliness is an epidemic in the world right now.

Redistribution of roles and a new look at what is considered success. Possibly success looks more like happiness rather than having lots of things. Maybe life is more about achievement rather than being first. Achievement should be intellectual, artistic and athletic not accumulation of wealth.

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As a leader I gain satisfaction from improving the lives of those who work for me, not from my pay check.

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